What Digital Marketers Should Know When Building Brand on Digital Media

Branding should be a key part of your strategy if you want to run a successful business. As Amazon founder – Jeff Bezos once said that “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room” and we couldn’t agree more.

Branding is important because it is the visual identity of your company and when done right, it gives your business a name, voice, and encourages customers to purchase your products.

In this article, we will talk about what branding is, building brand on digital media, and the strategies you can use to improve the identity of your brand.

What is Brand Building?

Brand building is the process of acquiring awareness and promotion of the products of a company through advertising campaigns. Brand building strategies bring customers closer to the brand and provide value so that they feel, know, and experience the brand.

Digital marketers have an important responsibility – promotion of the business. They must take every step to convert the business into a successful brand. They work with offline marketing, designing, and social media departments. If they work towards promoting the brand, the business is going to be successful.

If you are a digital marketer, you need to ask yourself:

  • Do people mention the brand you are promoting along with other companies?
  • Are higher rankings of any value if people don’t know your brand?
  • Are you promoting keywords in the domain or promoting a brand?
  • Are people looking for the brand name online on Google?

The real reason you are asking these questions is to understand that you need to convert a business into a brand. Let’s see how building brand online on digital media goes.

How to Convert a Business Into a Successful Brand?

Google loves brands as they deliver a promise that they make to their buyers. A brand provides high-quality products, exceptional customer service, has a website that is fast, and excellent customer experience.

Here is how to build a brand on digital media:

#1. Get the Basics Right

Brand building starts with a strong foundation. As a digital marketer, you need to follow the checklist to make sure your business is on the right track.

  • What is the promise that your business is making to the customer? The brand promise should be sincere and it should be better than what your competition is offering.
  • Is the logo unique? Your brand must have a powerful, colorful, and memorable logo. The colors used in the logo should be different than your competition’s logo.
  • Is the website fast? Brands have responsive and super-fast websites and that is what differentiates them from other business sites.

#2. Earn the Trust of Your Customers

You can’t have a brand/customer relationship without confidence and trust. Millennials trust peers (they need social proof) and you need to come up with new strategies to gain their trust.

Customers trust brands that are reliable and authentic. The top 10 brands that were found to be authentic are Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, PayPal, Adidas, Intel, Lego, BMW, and HP.

As a digital marketer. You should use strategies that help to gain a customer’s trust.

  • Don’t confuse customers with fake ads. Always be authentic to the brand’s mission.
  • Be available for people when they need you.
  • Find new ways to bring value to your customers. Create short videos, infographics, and other content that educates people.
  • Believe in doing rather than talking.
  • Don’t send emails to people you don’t know.

#3. Have a Voice for Your Business

A leader is known by the tone of what he is saying. If your goal is to become a leader. You need to decide on the tone of your company voice.

Here is how to create a powerful and authoritative brand voice?

  • Identify the personality of the voice you want for your company.
  • Analyze the voice of your competitors to study what makes them stand out.
  • Listen to the tone of your customers and try to imitate it in your brand voice.
  • Your brand voice must inspire others to take action.
  • Let the brand voice evolve.

The brand voice can take text content, video content, podcast or image form.

#4. Partner With Other Successful Brands

Co-branding is an important part of strategic marketing and one of the simplest ways to earn brand recognition. There are three kinds of co-branding collaborations that every digital marketer should know about:

  • Influencers Partners – With the help of influencers, you can get that brand awareness and extra publicity.
  • Lead Partners – The lead partners are the hardest to get. If you are lucky to collaborate with lead partners, you will generate direct leads and huge revenue.
  • Functional Partners – If you need help to defeat your competition, a functional partnership can certainly help you.

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#5. Optimize Brand Signals

Optimization of the brand is one of the most overlooked parts of any digital marketing campaign. Google ranks brands that provide a better user experience. Here are a few signals that Google considers when deciding to classify a business as a brand.

  • Take care of your social media following – Successful brands are present across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus.
  • Generate a lot of brand-related searches – Google knows which businesses are brands based on the percentage of people who click.
  • Make sure your website delivers an awesome user experience – Your website shouldn’t provide a spammy or annoying experience.
  • Optimize your website and blog for Answer Box – People trust the company that gets ranked high in the answer boxes.
  • Optimize your NAP – Name, Address, Phone
  • Build links – Brands have a large number of links leading to them from popular and high-authority websites.

Your job as a digital marketer is to build a brand on digital media, improve the brand value of a business you are promoting, and generate new leads. A brand is loved by people and search engines, so consider all of the above tips and take every step to convert the business into a successful brand.

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