The Most Profitable Types of Digital Products to Sell

You are thinking about selling digital products on your website, but you feel a bit stuck. We all have been there. Some of the questions you are having trouble with:

  • Will my customers care about my digital products?
  • What are the best types of digital products to sell on my website?
  • Which categories and formats are the most popular?
  • How can I feel confident that my products will sell in the crowded market?

With the right information, deciding which digital products to sell doesn’t have to be so difficult. We put together a list of the most profitable types of products to sell in today’s market.

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Launch Your Business Online with The Written Word

For all writers and authors out there, this format is one of the most popular digital products you can sell on your website. There is a big market demand for it. In fact, the eBook market is growing at a 93% annual growth rate and expected to grow 16% through 2020.

This format not only requires creative writing but it is also super easy to consume. When it comes to distribution, you can distribute written downloads with ease and when combined with their low cost to produce, they are great marketing tools.

Guides make for an excellent way to teach your audience how to accomplish their goals in the fort of step-by-steps, how-to articles, tutorials, etc. As a bonus, you can accompany your text with images to improve your reader’s learning experience, making it beneficial to offer both the visual and written aspects within the guide.

Readers like their images to be coupled with written words. In fact, people follow directions better if you include both illustrations and text.

A guide offers you an easy way to demonstrate your expertise to your readers, showing them that you are the one who can help them accomplish what they are after.

One example of a guide is Robert Joyner’s Painters Guide to Design & Composition.

Documents are another popular type of digital product. Documents might include checklists, cheat sheets, assessments, listicles, quizzes, and more. Since documents tend to be more interactive and actionable pieces of content, they are shorter than guides and ebooks.

Generally, written digital products are a good way to go – they are inexpensive to produce and your audience can download and consume them.

Creators and audiences that written digital products are best for:

  • Content writers who want to take advantage of their sales copywriting and writing skills.
  • Bloggers who want to offer a content upgrade on their blog pages.
  • Businesses and educators who want to teach their readers step-by-step how to achieve a specific result.

Reach Your Audience with Design Content

Visual elements are important when it comes to customer engagement. There is a big opportunity for visual creators to capitalize on selling digital products that elevate their readers’ education.

For your graphic designers and illustrators out there, there is a market opportunity for you to run businesses. Did you know that out of 1500 small businesses, 49% think that graphic design is crucial to their business success.

Businesses understand the importance of using graphics, making them a great target when offering this digital product. In fact, marketers thing that original digital graphics have the highest impact on customer engagement.

These days, infographics are super popular. People share infographics more than any type of content and according to one research, infographics can increase web traffic by 12%.

Why infographics are the best digital products to sell?

Businesses and brands love them because they attract more attention to their content and readers love them because they are easy to consume. If you can turn complex stats and data into something visually aesthetic and simplistic, creating infographics is a great business option for you.

Follow these three steps to create infographics:

  • Engage in a conversation with your audience
  • Find the best way to answer their questions
  • Create an infographic on that topic

If you are interested in creating infographics but you are not sure where to get started, we recommend you to try Canva. This tool offers over 50.000 free infographic templates on their website.

If Canva can’t satisfy your needs, Piktochart and Venngage are also great platforms that can help you create infographics with ease.

Custom illustrations allow brands to stand out with their look and feel in a way stock photography can’t. They give businesses authenticity. And in competitive times like these, authentic branding is very important. More than 90% of customers prefer shopping for businesses and brands perceived as authentic.

Sell Online

If you want to find ideas for digital products to sell directly to end-users, printable products are a great option. Those products that you purchase at craft stores like cards, journals, calendars, posters, etc. can also be purchased as digital products where customers can print on their own.

This gives your customers the convenience of not having to shop physically to find what they need and it gives you the opportunity to stand out from the rest with your unique designs that are available on your website.

Visual products are best for:

  • Customers who want a creative product to enjoy
  • Founders, businesses, and entrepreneurs who want to grow their brand
  • Writers, authors, and content creators looking for unique images to complement their products, work, and content
  • People looking for something visually appealing that helps them stand out

As you can see, there are popular digital products for every creator to offer and make money out of it. With a better understanding of the most profitable types of products, you are ready to take on a piece of the pie and let your light shine.

You now know the best and most popular digital products to sell on your website. Landing on your first idea is the challenging part and once you are ready to roll out, build your own website and start selling your best digital stuff.

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