The Most Popular Marketplaces & Platforms to Sell Your Digital Products Online

Digital products can’t be touched or held and yet everyone consumes them – from audio to eBooks to downloadable software – we want to purchase them all.

For business owners, selling digital products online has many advantages. There is no need to find storage, inventory is never an issue, and you can deliver products immediately upon purchase.

If you are looking to sell your digital products and wondering which ecommerce platform or marketplace you should sell on – you’ve come to the right place. We put together a list of the most popular marketplaces that will fit your needs. Each marketplace caters to different product offerings and industries and each can help you build a page and post items like music and videos, eBooks, online courses, PDF files, and more.


Amazon is a great solution for everyone interested in selling digital products online. The platform had over $230 billion in sales and it offers a great place for you to reach out to your audience. You can sell anything from apps to games, music, videos, etc. There are special programs for those who want to sell only with Amazon.

The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a program created to increase commissions for writers and authors who sell on Amazon Kindle Store for a specific time period. Amazon fees depend on the products you sell.

Designers, merchants, and creators should also explore Amazon Advantage, Merch by Amazon, Amazon Business, Amazon Handmade, and Fulfillment by Amazon.

Amazon is perfect for authors selling comic books and eBooks. The Amazon music library is robust and you can also sell gaming files and apps for quick download.

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AliExpress is part of the Alibaba group – an online retail service made up of businesses in Asia and China. The website is available in 230 countries and regions around the world and gets more than 200 million visitors a month. It offers a wide range of digital products such as computer software, graphics and digital designs, web-based apps, e-learning courses, and more.

Currently, only suppliers and sellers from Mainland China can sell on the platform although is aimed at international buyers in Europe and the US.


In the first six months of 2019, the website had more than 300 million visitors. While the platform was only open to American sellers, they have recently opened the door to those from Canada, China, and the UK.

You can sell anything from music downloads to tax software. Sellers on Walmart pay a referral fee per every sale. The fee varies by product category.

It is a very specific marketplace and sellers outside of the US can join by invitation. If you are not chosen to be a vendor, Walmart requires you to apply to be a seller on their website.

The platform is best for those who have competitive pricing, unique product assortment, and align with their customer service standards.


Themeforest is one of the best online places to sell your digital products. It is perfect if you are selling website templates, marketing themes, HTML code, plugins, etc. Top sellers are making over $1 million per year and the store management area is excellent for interacting with customers.

When you sell products on ThemeForest, the website charges author fees. The fees vary depending on your agreement with the website and your product sales.

Themeforest is all about website development. If you don’t plan on selling website templates and themes, it is better if you choose another platform or marketplace.


We all know eBay as one of the most popular marketplaces for buying and selling both physical and digital goods.

Selling digital products on eBay is just like selling a physical item. The only difference is that you will have to list your product as a digital item. Before adding your digital goods it is recommendable to create your own eBay store to brand yourself and accumulate ratings from buyers.

This marketplace is best for anyone who wants to sell digital products online. There are no restrictions.


Udemy is a great online platform for selling digital products, especially video courses and tutorials. Selling online courses and tutorials is a great way to make passive income since you have access to all hosting and interface tools and the platform processes the payments for you.

The marketplace is best for people who possess knowledge in a specific field and want to create videos to educate and help other people.

Apple iTunes Store

In the Apple iTunes store, you can find music, books, videos, apps, and more. The Connect program is your best option when selling apps, music, and books online since it guides you through the application process. When selling through iTunes, there is no charge, however, you will pay a commission on each sale.

On average, musicians earn $0.57 from each song sold for $0.99.

Each form of media asks for a unique application. The stats are great through iTunes and you get access to any customer using an Apple product.

This marketplace is best for sellers who are already familiar with Apple products. It is mainly catered to authors, app developers, and musicians. Before you start selling, you must ensure that your content is good enough.


Lazada is similar to the Amazon marketplace with the only difference – it mostly focuses on people located in Southeast Asia and has the highest number of monthly visitors – more than 180 million visits a month.

You get your own admin panel for posting and managing your products with ease. Once someone purchases something from your store, they can immediately access the files on their dashboard. There are no commission fees.

This marketplace is best for sellers who like to expand their online business presence.

Choose one of these hand-picked marketplaces and platforms to sell your digital products online directly to consumers.

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