How to Buy a Domain Name

You may have come across the words ‘Domain name’ and have never quite understood what it means.  Well, to put it simply, we can draw an analogy from everyday living. You know the way you live in a house, and as long as you pay the mortgage or rent, you are the rightful owner? Ok, now think about a Domain name as that ‘home’ within the online space. But, you only own it for as long as you have rights to it. Getting rights to your name is why you need to know how to buy a domain name.

Why do you need a name for your Domain?

Let’s go back to the analogy of owning a house. Having exclusive rights to an online space is very much like owning a piece of real estate. You need to lay claim to it, and one of the ways of achieving this is through domain name buying.

Buying a domain name is pretty straight-forward. What you need to do is get a unique username, and register it. If you prefer an easier option, you can find existing names and buy them.  There are online marketplaces and private sellers where you can purchase domain names.

Your name should be unique because you need it to distinguish you from all the other online users. You cannot get exclusive rights to a domain name without paying for it.  Once you purchase the rights to the use of the name, that particular name will no longer be available to other internet users.

You need to do your research on available names so that you save yourself the trouble of trying to purchase those that already have owners. Once you set it up, the domain name becomes the gateway through which people can reach your website.

How to choose a name for your Domain?

The process of choosing a domain name is not as simple as selecting a name for your favorite pet. Remember, this is how users will identify you on the web, and you need to put a lot of thought into it. A frivolous, silly domain name can reflect negatively on you.

So what do you need to consider when choosing a domain name:-

  • Choose an easy to type name – Forget unusual spellings for names like lyzzybeth for Elizabeth, slang or hard to remember names. Remember, you are not the one who will be typing in the domain name, and frankly, no one has time for unnecessarily hard names.
  • Forget complex and long domain names. The shorter it is, the better.
  • For a business use the domain name to promote what you do, for example,,,, among others.  Using keywords will make it easier for search engines like Google to find you.
  • Include your location, for instance,
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers if you can. It leads to a lot of confusion.
  • Research the availability of the name and be memorable.
  • Consider the extension based on your needs and how well it responds to your business.  Some of the extensions, .net, .org, among others.
  • If you have the budget, buy domain names that are close to yours. Doing this will prevent any competitor from buying a domain name that sounds similar to yours.  by linking the extensions to your domain name, even if a user mistypes your name, they will get a redirect to your website

Domain name buying from Shopify

One of the marketplaces from which you can buy a domain name is Shopify. For a basic fee of about $11 annually, you will get a domain which is already set up, and you do not have to remain with Shopify to continue to own it.

You need to note that the annual fee is non-refundable and you have to make a renewal when the account expires. You will not get an email account but have access to email forwarding accounts that have no limit.

Shopify is available in almost all countries in the world. So whether you are in the USA, Australia, UK or India, you can buy a domain name from there.


Domain name buying Cost Implications

Different countries have different costs for domain names. In Australia for example, domain name registration is done for two years, and the price ranges from $25 Australian to $45 Australian. The cost is mostly dependent on what you want to use the website for.  Non-commercial organizations which use the extension pay the most at $45.  On average you will get the domain name at about $18 per year.


In the United Kingdom, domain names fall in the range of £3 to £100 per year.  In India, you can get a domain name for as low as Rs.99 per year.  The .co extension is the most expensive and will cost you about Rs.871. The cost translates to American $1.5 – $13 range.

In the United States, expect to spend between $10 to $15 per year on a domain name.

The pricing of a domain name depends on traffic levels, keyword usage, and the rankings in the search engines, among others.  If you find that the price of one domain name is very high, it could be a good indication of the high commercial value it has.



Any website owner knows the importance of a good domain name.  A good name will make the difference between people visiting your website or not.   When you are looking to buy a domain name, one of the most important things to remember is that you need to have a good, well thought out name. Use it to sell your business.

Careful use of keywords will make you pop up anytime a search engine is looking for your kind of business. If you do not want to bother with the whole process of searching for a name, you have the option of buying an existing domain. Look for one that suits your business well.

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