Digital Branding vs Digital Marketing: Why Marketing Is The Foundation of Your Brand

Branding is the image that comes attached to a business and the products or services this business sells.

The brand is bigger than any advertising campaign or marketing effort. It is the overall “look and feel” of your business organization. The brand is your message that drives customers to your business. It is who you are, what you believe in, and what problems you solve for your customers.

Marketing is a collection of tools that share your brand’s message. For example, social media, commercials, blog posts, email campaigns, print ads, etc.

When you have an engaging and compelling message that initiates a relationship of value, things swing in your favor. 

Now that you know about digital branding vs digital marketing, and that marketing is the best way to build your brand online, let’s see what digital marketing forms are there.

3 Digital Marketing Forms Critical to Build a Brand

A good first step in building your online branding strategy is getting acquainted with these three basic forms of digital marketing.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Email marketing

One of the most effective ways that companies and organizations use the internet today to grow their brand is not through websites, apps or advertising but through content that customers are searching for.

Content Marketing

Businesses that use content marketing are creating educational and useful information that offers to solve a problem for a potential customer.

This might be a post that teaches you how to build a bookshelf, how to choose the right car, what to buy this holiday season, etc.

The idea is to create content that is related to your business so that someone can read the post and becomes familiar with the products or services you offer. By providing free and useful content, your brand has been built in customers’ minds as helpful, which puts you step above all other brands.

  • Attracting Customers Passively: What makes content marketing effective is that you don’t need to change it after you create it. It sits on your website and waits for people to come to you.
  • Offering to Solve Your Customer’s Problem: Content marketing plays an important role in branding by showing your industry knowledge and placing you as a powerful leader. To achieve this, address your clients’ needs. Customers are looking for products and services that remove frustration, pain, and obstacles. Your content should carry these messages, making it clear why a customer should come to you.
  • The Customers Come Looking for You: Businesses want customers to discover their content and become familiar with the brand as an answer to a desire or need they are on a quest to accomplish. They get to know your brand through content and realize there are perfect products or solutions available.

When it comes to branding vs digital marketing, we realize they are connected. You can build a powerful brand through content. Through content, you get to demonstrate that your brand is trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most used strategies in the modern world. The constant stream of posts that pass in front of people each day provides an effective platform to generate interest, initiate brand familiarity or catch someone’s eye so they will memorize your name.

More than that, you can connect with customers, speak to them, and engage them with your content. You can respond to comments and build relationships in a way that isn’t possible through other marketing forms. There is no other marketing form that allows a brand to build deep relationships with their customers.

This is the time when you should give up on traditional marketing because social media marketing is more targeted and engagement is greatly increased.

Influencer marketing (a niche of social media marketing) is when people grow their followers’ base by sharing their personal experiences with the brand.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Let’s face it – email marketing is kind, even though everyone complains about junk mail. Through targeted and well-created email campaigns, businesses have the ability to provide customers with information specific to their needs and interests, which encourages customers to get to know the brand.

The challenge is to get the customer to sign up for that email, showing they have an interest in your product or service.

Email campaigns are proven to be effective. In fact, more than 90% of people say email drives their desire to establish an online presence and take action. Delivering content that feeds their desire for specific information produces great results.

Digital Marketing

Branding vs Marketing

It all comes down to branding vs marketing difference and we got to add that without a strong message, marketing loses its power.

One example is BMW. Through consistent messaging based on the overall brand, the company has shown who they are as a company and the care that goes into producing high-quality cars – craftsmanship, comfort, performance, reliability, and status.

From a business perspective, there are millions of BMW fans – devoted people who purchase a newer version every few years or drive the same car for 200.000 miles, telling everyone the car is nothing less than a power machine.

Those words stick in the minds of family members, friends, and coworkers who may have never considered buying a BMW before. However, they surely will think about it now.

Marketing loses its purposes unless the message it carries is clear and precisely defined and addresses the problems you solve for your potential buyers.

It is all connected. You can’t run a successful brand without a marketing strategy in place making marketing the foundation of your brand.

Understanding digital branding and digital marketing is crucial to build a successful brand, come up with marketing strategy in place, and differentiate from other businesses in the market.

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