9 Ways to Brand Your Digital Business

What do you think – Is it important to brand your business?

Definitely yes.

However, if you are not executing that brand, it may lead to confusion.

You need to brand your business for success and you need to do it the right way. Increase engagement and visibility across marketing channels, convert interactions into customers, etc. There are a lot of ways to brand your digital business.

We are going to present to you the most important and effective ones. But first, let’s see what branding is.

What is Branding?

Like any other brand, yours include things like a company name, slogans, a logo, fonts, color schemes, a message, and advertising methods.

The more consistent you are with these components, the more likely someone is going to recognize your brand. Your brand doesn’t only show who you are as a company but who you strive to be and how people perceive you as a company.

You can be the most customer-focused, honest, and high-quality company but if people don’t see you that way, you need to work on your brand.

Why You Should Brand Your Digital Business?

Products or services can’t stand alone. You need to brand your online business because people today purchase products or services as of a feeling they build up around a brand. If you don’t have a brand, you don’t exist.

Yes, you might entice customers with discounts and they will make impulse buys, but there is no connection that drives them to you. The only reason they would come back is if you give them another discount.

How to Brand Your Business?

Building a brand for your digital business is not as complex as it seems. Here is how to set up a branding foundation:

  1. Establish Your Goals

There are goals that don’t change. Our advice is to create your brand strategy around them. Some of those goals are:

  • Being able to charge a premium: People don’t hesitate to pay $1000 or more for an iPhone. They have more options but they decide to purchase an iPhone because of the brand.
  • Retaining customers: Loyal customers are worth 10X their first purchase. You have a 5% chance to sell your products to a new customer but you have a 30% chance to sell them to an existing one.
  • Higher conversion rates: When you convert traffic, acquisition costs decrease while revenues go up.
  1. Revisit Who Your Buyers Are

One of your branding goals is to brand your digital business in a way that your buyers love. To do this, you need to create buyer personas including goals, challenges, what they like, and where they hand out.

Use customer data to create these.

  1. Have the Right Website User Experience

Having a responsive website is one of the most important factors when creating a brand for your digital business. It is the home base for everything you do online.

Whether you run ads, share content on social media, send an email you direct your customers to your website. From there, they will explore your products and services, sign up for free trials, review case studies, and hopefully buy.

  1. Make your Website Visible in Google Search Results

Over 50% of traffic comes in through the organic search results of Google. Google uses an algorithm to rank websites and the higher you rank – the closer you appear to the top.

What does this have to do with branding?

Well, the more people see your brand, the more likely you will generate interest and earn clicks. More people recognize brands because they are visible and your brand becomes visible when Google sees that people like your brand.

You accomplish these rankings by using SEO strategies. For SEO, brand your business in the eyes of potential buyers and then apply the strategies that show Google that you are a reliable website worthy of a top spot.

  1. Have a Written Style Guide

Do you have a written branding style guide to follow? If not, you should create one.

On the web, it takes 7-13 touches with your business before an individual becomes a customer. Before deciding to purchase from you, the customer is checking you out to see if you share their values as a reliable and trustworthy company.

If a person doesn’t know it is you because you aren’t following a written style guide, you’ll miss important opportunities. As you brand your business, have a clear guide that includes font styles, color palette, branding 101 (logo, slogans…), video and graphics, backgrounds and patterns, and CTA buttons.

  1. Listen to Your Customers

One of the things people say about a brand is that care about their customers. They listen to what customers have to say. You pay attention to what people are saying about you and you work to make things right if something is wrong.

Why not listen through analytical tools. You can gain insight through Google Analytics. As you listen to your prospects, you will gain insight into how you can develop your brand to improve how they see you.

  1. Develop Branded Content

Once you have a written style guide, you can generate content. This includes content that you use to generate leads, increase brand awareness, nurture leads, build trust, convert leads into customers, and nurture customers.

No matter what type of branded content you are creating, follow the style guide you’ve developed.

Digital Marketing

  1. Build Your Brand with Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is reaching people through different channels online. You do this for important reasons.

For example, the same people who are on Facebook are probably on Instagram. Some channels are more effective at connecting with people, different channels better promote your brand, being in multiple places increases your visibility.

  1. Leverage with Advertising

Leverage your brand so you can get the greatest return on your advertising budget. You have a brand that people know, recognize, and feel something about it. If you’ve worked hard to create that feeling, more people will click and convert.

To get the most out of your branding – be consistent. Develop a clear branding strategy, follow our tips, and evoke positive feelings towards your business and brand.

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