10 Best Digital Products to Sell in 2019

Selling physical products is time-consuming and highly changeable. There are complexities like inventory management, shipping, taxes, international customers, importing, laws, and so on.

Selling digital products is a lot easier.

Digital products are more sustainable, easy to distribute, simpler to create, and can be replaced infinitely. Any person can make a digital product worthy of sharing or selling online. No employees, factories or physical materials are required – just a sprinkle of creativity and passion, a computer, and free time.

What types of digital products to create? What is popular these days?

Sell Online

In this post, we’ve gathered the best digital products to sell online.

  1. Photography

High-resolution and premium photos are one of the most popular digital products today. The biggest customers of photographs are website owners and bloggers.

Stock photography has expanded to the point where some photos are sold for a lot less than they are worth. But for truly unique images, photographers can still dictate fair prices.

One of the downfalls of stock images from a customer perspective is not knowing how many photographs are. Usually, a membership to the stock photo website is required. If you are a photographer, you can avoid stock photo websites and sell your photos on your website instead.

A website is an important part of a photographer’s portfolio. Presenting your work is essential to raising your portfolio. With excellent quality images and competitive prices, you can do well selling your photos online.

  1. Audio and Music

Audio is a powerful medium and there are different types of audio digital products. People today purchase audio tracks that inform them, entertain them, inspire them, soothe them, and help them achieve business goals.

Audio products can include musical samples, relaxing background noises, recorded lectures, foreign language lessons, reusable sound effects, musical samples, karaoke versions of popular songs, etc.

If you have a passion for music – this is a perfect opportunity for you.

  1. Video

Video is one of the best digital products to sell online. Video content can be informative, educational, entertaining, and more. It is more engaging than text and can be easily consumed. Users love video and they are happy to pay for it.

If you are a great public speaker, love sharing information or thoughts on video, and have a visual-based passion with some editing time, you can easily start selling videos online.

  1. eBooks

eBooks are very popular these days. They are simple to produce since they need written text and a few images. eBooks are also easy to distribute via self-created online stores and marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc.). They are easily consumed by online buyers who can read then on tablets, e-readers or their mobile phones.

The best part of creating eBooks is that you can share anything you want in text form.

  1. Software

Selling software online is another great option to consider. The software industry is huge and constantly growing. Any person’s ability to write codes can result in new products. Whether it be web-based applications, desktop software, mobile apps, website templates, video games or something else powered by code. An established market exists and the possibilities are endless.

If you speak a code language, you can build lots of things to sell online on your website. Whether you have experience with themes, apps, snippets, plugins or something else – you can turn code into money.

  1. Courses

E-learning is an innovative industry and is currently growing. As it grows, you will see traditional educational organizations explore new ways to make content available to students. For established educational programs, the material can be sold as a downloadable one-off course, as a membership to a web-based service, and as a downloadable collection of courses.

Online courses are sold the same way as ebooks, photographs, and other digital products.

There are courses that are autonomous while others demand interaction with a teacher. Courses are becoming a popular foundation for online businesses due to easy-to-use and affordable Learning Management Systems.

  1. Graphics and Digital Art

Graphic designers and artists can come up with a wide variety of valuable and unique digital products to sell online – from .PSD templates and logos, to PowerPoint themes, icon packs, and original artworks.

Graphic designers can use their skills in different ways to create unique digital products for sale. Digital artists can sell drawings, finished pieces, and sketches. If you can create digital artwork, it is worth selling online. Make sure to license it correctly.

  1. Professional Services

Services are not products, however, they are commonly sold online in the same way digital products are. Usually, they are sold in two ways:

  • As fixed-price services: the cost of the service is known and predefined to the customer.
  • On a case-by-case basis: The cost is calculated based on the work required.

With many professional services, you are selling your time in exchange for a specific result or outcome. You may also be selling your time for a bespoke product, one-of-a-kind to the customer.

Today, all kinds of service providers are looking to sell their professional services online, for example, copywriters, web designers, graphic designers, consultants, translators, coaches, trainers, and more.

  1. Tickets

Even though it is different from other digital products on this list (they are applicable only for a specific period of time), tickets are sold in the same way as graphics and digital art, software, and online courses.

Customers can make their checkout, selections, and receive their ticket in inbox or instantly through the seller’s website.

  1. Web-Based Applications

Web-based applications are similar to software, however, are not downloaded online. Also called Software as a Service business, they are typical digital products, however, they can be sold and perceived similarly.

Many software creators can build web-based SaaS apps. Examples of such applications include services for email marketing such as MailChimp, Drip, Constant Contact, etc.

What do you think about our list of digital products to sell online? Are you already selling any of these products on your website?

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